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Choose a Word to Inspire a New You in 2015

If you’re like me, you awoke on January 1st with a feeling of possibility. While the year ahead will have surprises, we can also get from it what we most want or need. Because intention makes all the difference, I want to encourage you to choose a word for the year to inspire you.

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Sticks and Stones: Why Emotional and Verbal Abuse Can be Just as Damaging as Physical Abuse

For many people, it can be hard to think of speech as abuse, because domestic violence is more often represented in the media as injurious physical brutality. But the truth is that, much like childhood verbal abuse, the intimate partner kind cuts deeply, sometimes leaving permanent scars on a victim’s psyche long after they have left that situation. It is also frequently a precursor to physical or sexual assault.

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Stop Signs: Chapter 1, Part I

As the police car’s headlights appeared around the corner, I felt all at once a sense of relief and a feeling of dread because I knew there was no turning back. Whatever happened next was out of my hands and I had no idea what the exact repercussions would be.

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Stop Signs: Introduction

Often we don’t feel that our suspicions warrant a call to the police or a hotline, but we know something is wrong in relationships we see or participate in. Read the introduction to ‘Stop Signs’ and download a PDF of the first chapter.

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