Women’s & Gender Studies

In a society where sexism, heteronormativity, and transmisogyny are still prevalent, we need feminism and gender theory more than ever. From the irreverent crash course in feminism, Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti to insightful texts like Bi:Notes for a Bisexual Revolution by Shiri Eisner and Excluded by Julia Serano, Seal Press has everything you need to equip yourself for the challenges women face today.

cover The Feminist Activity Book

Feminist Activity Book

Gemma Correll

$12.00 USD, Trade Paper Original
May 2016

The Feminist Activity Book will fuel your feminist rage and bring you one step closer to an egalitarian utopia, or whatever.

cover A History of US Feminisms

A History of U.S. Feminisms

Rory Dicker

$18.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
January 2016

Covering the first, second, and third waves of feminism, A History of U.S. Feminisms provides historical context of all the major events and players since the late nineteenth century through today.

cover Whipping Girl 2e

Whipping Girl

Julia Serano

$20.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
March 2016

A provocative manifesto, Whipping Girl tells the powerful story of Julia Serano, a transsexual woman whose supremely intelligent writing reflects her diverse background as a lesbian transgender activist and professional biologist.

Jane Sexes It Up

Merri Lisa Johnson, Editor

$18.00 USD, Trade Paper Original
April 10, 2001

This much-needed discussion on feminism and sex reveals the struggles women have when the messiness of sexuality is put under a feminist lens.

Under This Beautiful Dome

Terry Mutchler

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper and Ebook
October 2015

Under This Beautiful Dome tells the true story of journalist Terry Mutchler’s secret five-year relationship with Penny Severns, an Illinois State Senator who mentored Barack Obama.

Full Frontal Feminism

Jessica Valenti

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper and Ebook
July 2014

Now in its updated second edition, Full Frontal Feminism is a book that continues to embody the forward-looking messages that author Jessica Valenti propagated as founder of the popular website, Feministing.com.

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