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Finding a way to live a healthy and active lifestyle in today’s hectic world is surprisingly difficult. Call for backup with Seal Press’s great list of Sports and Fitness books like What You Can When You Can, Yogalosophy, and The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women.

Women Who Run

Shanti Sosienski

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
July 2006

In this inspirational and exhilarating book, a broad range of women, including Olympians, marathoners, ultrarunners, young track phenoms, and recreational runners, talk about why they run, what drives them, and what continues to spark their interest in the sport.

Steady as She Goes

Barbara Sjoholm (editor)

$15.95 USD, Trade Paper Original
October 2003

Veteran seafarers and anyone who has dreamed of running away to sea in their very own boat or simply savored the smell of the salty air on the water’s edge will be inspired by this well-crafted and varied collection. Steady as She Goes is both a testament to women’s enduring relationship with the sea and a gripping and illuminating read. Whether commercial fishing in Alaska’s unforgiving waters, racing tall ships off the coast of Australia, kayaking in the enchanting Sea of Cortez, or learning the antiquated mechanics of a New York City fireboat, these women work and play at sea, spinning harrowing adventure yarns and relaying quiet moments of revelation surrounded by the vastness of the ocean. This unique and long-overdue collection shatters once and for all the myth that the sea is solely the domain of men.

Another Wilderness

Susan F. Rogers

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original
September 1997

This anthology of true outdoor stories by famous and new women writers brims with the spirit of adventure.

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