Sports and Fitness

Finding a way to live a healthy and active lifestyle in today’s hectic world is surprisingly difficult. Call for backup with Seal Press’s great list of Sports and Fitness books like What You Can When You Can, Yogalosophy, and The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women.

The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women

Dawn Dais

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
September 2013

A fun training manual for any would-be marathoner with a realistic training schedule, how-to’s, quizzes, and funny observations.



Mandy Ingber

$20.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
May 2013

Full of girlfriend-y wisdom, Yogalosophy® is a realistic, flexible, daily plan that will help readers transform their minds, their bodies, and their lives.

Fast Girl

Ingrid Steffensen

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
October 2012

Fast-paced and fun, Fast Girl is the quirky, real-life chronicle of how one woman stepped outside her comfort zone, shrugged off the shackles of suburban conformity, and changed her entire perspective on life through the unlikeliest of means: racecar driving.

Run Like a Girl

Mina Samuels

$16.95 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
March 2011

Run Like A Girl is about the impact that participating in sports has on women—how the confidence and strength that it helps to build spills over into all of our experiences, making us stronger and better prepared for life’s many challenges.

Second Wind

Cami Ostman

$16.95 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
November 2010

Second Wind is the story of an unlikely athlete and an unlikely heroine: Cami Ostman, a woman edging toward midlife who decides to take on a challenge that stretches her way outside of her comfort zone.

Women Who Win

Lisa Taggart

$14.95 USD, Trade Paper Original
May 2007

In Women Who Win, adventure writer Lisa Taggart takes us behind the scenes, deep into the training regimens and the ultimate victories, to see what makes these women—and some of their fellow female athletes—tick.

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