Seal Press’s Self-Help authors don’t want to tell you how to act or what to look like, but to give you the tools to become the person you want to be. Want to get a handle on your perfectionism and be more gentle with yourself? Looking for a welcoming and fun how-to guide on dominance and submission? Whatever you are looking to learn about yourself, Seal Press will have a book for you.

Got Teens?

Logan Levkoff, PhD and Jennifer Wider, MD

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
March 2014

“We’ve been there. And as parents, we are right there with you.”
—Health and sexuality experts Logan Levkoff, PhD and Jennifer Wider, MD

The Posh Girl's Guide to Play

Alexis Lass

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
October 2013

In The Posh Girl’s Guide to Play, Alexis Lass leads you into the romantic and wildly glamorous world of dominance and submission, and engages her lover, Mr. H, to address the interests of your play partner.

The Goodbye Year

Toni Piccinini

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
October 2013

For many mothers, a child’s senior year brings about a serious look back on the past eighteen. Every event—from Halloween to Mother’s Day—becomes The Last Time. Toni Piccinini knows exactly what that’s like, and in The Goodbye Year, she offers the loving support every soon-to-be Empty Nester needs. Think of Toni as your bossy-but-loving Italian auntie, with modern sensibilities and a packed pantry. With the wisdom she’s acquired from saying goodbye three times to her own children, she reassuringly holds your hand while encouraging you through the insanity of the college application process, the rejections and the acceptances, and the teary dorm drop-offs. Even better, she reminds every mother that the best is yet to come—freedom, creativity, flexibility, and the Me Years.

Maxed Out

Katrina Alcorn

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
September 2013

Katrina Alcorn was a 37-year-old mother with a happy marriage and a thriving career when one day, on the way to Target to buy diapers, she had a breakdown. Her carefully built career shuddered to a halt, and her journey through depression, anxiety, and insomnia—followed by medication, meditation, and therapy—began.

The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women

Dawn Dais

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
September 2013

A fun training manual for any would-be marathoner with a realistic training schedule, how-to’s, quizzes, and funny observations.

I Love Mondays

Michelle Cove

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
November 2012

Full of hilarious—and humbling—stories from women who are trying to have it all, I Love Mondays will help working moms everywhere alleviate their anxiety, hone their work-home juggling skills, and boost their confidence in their roles as professionals and as parents.

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