There is nothing quite like reading the lived experience of another woman and seeing yourself reflected in her story. Seal Press memoirs explore women’s lives through the many challenges and victories faced by authors such as Kara Richardson Whitely, Elizabeth Enslin, and Nancy K. Miller.

Mother Shock

Andrea J. Buchanan

$15.95 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
April 2003

“Mother shock” is the state in which many new parents exist during those first confusing, chaotic and often comical years of parenting. It is the clash between expectation and result, theory and reality. It is the twilight zone of 24-hour-a-day living; where life is no longer neatly divided into day and night; the triple-impact of hormonal imbalance, sleep deprivation, and physical exhaustion. It is the stress of acclimating quickly to the realities of mothering, a new sense of self, and a fearful new level of responsibility. In thirty amusing and intelligent essays, Buchanan shares her insights as she moves from the overwhelming feelings of first love for her baby to the disturbing and often hilarious darker side of mommyhood, finally reaching a place where she not only speaks the language but understands the customs of this strange and wonderful land. In essays like “Fear of the Double Stroller,” “Confessions of a Bottle Feeder,” “I’m an Idiot,” and “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Playgroup,” Buchanan details the unimaginably difficult and unbelievably rewarding process of becoming a mother.

The Obsidian Mirror

Louise M. Wisechild

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original
March 2003

Affirming and inspiring, The Obsidian Mirror explores the vivid and personal journey of an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.


Christina Henry de Tessan (editor)

$18.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
July 2002

In Expat, a diverse group of women explores in vivid detail how the reality of life abroad matches up to the fantasy.

The Big Rumpus

Ayun Halliday

$15.95 USD, Trade Paper Original
April 2002

Honest in her parenting foibles and fixed in her opinions on public breast-feeding and the perfect Halloween costume, Halliday’s wry observations on daily life validate the complex, absurd wondrousness that is the life of the unpaid caregiver.

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