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From an assessment of women’s magazines by industry insider Jennifer Nelson to quotes from Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Seal Press is proud to bring you authors with their own feminist take on pop culture and current media.

Chick Flick Road Kill

Alicia Rebensdorf

$15.95 USD, Trade Paper
March 2007

Movie and television culture has become so widely celebrated among young women that it has begun to blur with our own reality. When images of the Bahamas become inextricable from Tom Cruise spinning cocktails, or hearing the word “hospital” conjures thoughts of Noah Wyle in scrubs it is fair to say that the pop formula that is offered to us through the big screen and sitcoms have dealt us a fair amount of false intimacy and preconceived sentiments about the beauty of staged lives, which happens to be much different from our own. Alicia Rebensdorf sets out on a road trip only to realize that not only is this a journey into physical America, but the America of her imagination. In what seems a constant battle with movie-made expectations, Alicia attempts to reconcile her nostalgia in Chick Flick Road Kill. Over the course of this four-month journey, which begins in Oakland, California and crosses through the Midwest to New York before turning down to Florida across the South out towards the Southwest and back to California, the author visits countless movie and television landmarks, talks with locals and learns that her generation’s sense of America is, indeed, as flat as its two-dimensional TV screens. This book is one woman’s attempt to discover America beyond the media mythology and in the…


Eleanor Mills (editor)

$18.95 USD, Trade Paper Original
November 2005

Collections of journalism consistently fail to represent the contribution made by female journalists to newspapers and magazines, as if political analysis and tales of flak-jacketed derring-do are the only truly valid forms of the discipline. And yet women make up half of readers, and more than half of newspaper and magazine staff. By bringing together the best–the most influential, incisive, controversial, affecting, entertaining–pieces of journalism written by women, this anthology redresses this imbalance. Organized by theme, it also gives a sense of the massive changes that have taken place in women’s lives since the beginning of the suffragette movement. Above all, this is a collection of superlative writing from the best women in the business, selected by the Sunday Times’s most senior female editor.

Cinderella's Big Score

Maria Raha

$20.00 USD, Trade Paper Original
January 2005

The indie music world is littered with women who have not only withstood the racket of punk’s intolerance, but have twisted our societal notions of femininity in knots.

She's a Rebel

Gillian G. Gaar

$24.95 USD, Trade Paper
December 2002

This expanded ten-year anniversary edition of She’s a Rebel features over 75 photos and includes three all-new chapters on all the major artists of the last decade as well as an insider’s look at the music industry and the emerging power of women rock stars.

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