Queer women of all kinds face unique obstacles in our society; Seal Press is committed to publishing books that shine a light on the injustices the queer community faces, while bringing both personal experiences and queer theory to our readers. Here you will find incredible titles such as Under this Beautiful Dome by Terry Mutchler, Excluded by award-winning author Julia Serano, and Riding Fury Home by Chana Wilson.

Licking the Spoon

Candace Walsh

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
December 2012

Through the lens of food, Walsh recounts her life’s journey—from unhappy adolescent to straight-identified wife and mother to divorcée in a same-sex relationship—and she throws in some dishy revelations, a-ha moments, take-home tidbits, and mouth-watering recipes for good measure.

Riding Fury Home

Chana Wilson

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
April 2012

Exquisitely written and devastatingly honest, Riding Fury Home is a shattering account of one family’s struggle against homophobia and mental illness in a changing world—and a powerful story of healing, forgiveness, and redemption.

Here Come the Brides!

Audrey Bilger & Michele Kort (editors)

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
March 2012

From wedding pictures and images of protest signs to comical anecdotes and sober philosophical analyses, Here Come the Brides! is an exploration of how the legalization of same-sex marriages has irrevocably changed the way lesbians think about their unions and their lives—and a celebration of the dream of lesbian happily-ever-afters.

A Year Straight

Elena Azzoni

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
November 2011

Often cringeworthy and occasionally unbelievable, A Year Straight is a wildly entertaining look at one woman’s experiences dating a new sex—the opposite sex.


Jennifer Baumgardner

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
October 2011

From Jennifer Baumgardner, one of the leading voices of Third Wave feminism, comes this provocative, thoughtful, often funny collection of essays and interviews that offers a state of the union on contemporary feminist issues.

Dear John, I Love Jane

Candace Walsh & Laura André (editors)

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
November 2010

Arousing, inspiring, bawdy, bold, and heartfelt, Dear John, I Love Jane is an engrossing reflection of a new era of female sexuality.

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