Health: Beauty

cover Toss The Gloss 2e

Toss the Gloss

Andrea Q. Robinson, Illustrated by Chesley McLaren

$18.00 USD, Trade Paper and Ebook
September 2016

Fully updated with new recommendations, this is the ultimate insider’s guide to looking great at age 50 and beyond.

Living Canvas

Karen L. Hudson

$17.95 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
September 2009

Living Canvas is a resource for body art enthusiasts, whether you’re thinking about getting your first or fifth tattoo, planning for your next bod-mod, or regretting a negative experience.

It's So You

Michelle Tea

$15.95 USD, Trade Paper Original
October 2007

It’s So You explores the intersection between personal style and personal expression through lively personal essays by thirty-five top women writers—including two artists. In a culture that uses oppressive beauty standards to influence and determine what’s hot, how do women manage to find their own distinct style, and to delight in fashion, without feeling like they’re selling out, or buying into consumerism? It’s So You emerges from third-wave feminism, which celebrates not only the frivolity and playfulness of women’s fashion, but also the daring aesthetics of sex workers, out queers, and fashionistas. Contributors include Six Feet Under Producer Jill Soloway, transgender icon Kate Bornstein, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, poet Diane di Prima, NPR regular Sandra Tsing Loh, novelist Beth Lisick, Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu, actress Laura Fraser, and writer/herstorian Trina Robbins. From the haute couture houses of the ruling class to DIY girls who make restorative clothing and create their own hodgepodge style, It’s So You is the first book to explore women’s ambivalence, suspicion, indulgence, and love of fashion on every level.

Hijas Americanas

Rosie Molinary

$17.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
June 2007

Hijas Americanas addresses experiences that are uniquely female and Latin, focusing on themes of body image, standards of beauty, ethnic identity, and sexuality.