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Helping Her Get Free

Susan Brewster, MSSW

$15.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
January 2006

Seal Press originally published Helping Her Get Free with the title To Be an Anchor in the Storm. The survivor of an abusive relationship herself, and a licensed counselor of abused women for more than a decade, Susan Brewster teaches readers how to recognize the signs of abuse, handle negative feelings, become an effective advocate, deal with the abuser, and more. With a new introduction and updated resource section, this straightforward and compassionate book offers the information needed to help give strength to women who are trying to break free.

Getting Free

Ginny NiCarthy

$16.95 USD, Trade Paper and Ebook
November 2004

With uncomplicated yet motivational language, this book contains all the tools and advice you need to help yourself recognize, respond to, and overcome domestic violence.

I Will Survive

Lori S. Robinson

$18.00 USD, Trade Paper Original
March 2003

The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault and Abuse contains an abundance of culturally specific and compassionate advice and information that includes accessible instruction on navigating police, health care, and legal systems, as well as an extensive resources section.


Inga Muscio

$16.00 USD, Trade Paper Original and Ebook
November 2002

With humor and candor, Inga Muscio shares her own history as she explores the cultural forces that influence women’s relationships with their bodies.

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