The Worrier’s Guide

Love, Loss, and Other Catastrophes--through Italy, India, and Beyond

The Worrier's Guide to the End of the World

A lively memoir chronicling the unforgettable friendship of Torre and Masha, two women who join together on an exhilarating, harrowing pilgrimage through India, walking 240 miles in Gandhi’s footsteps along the Salt March.

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$16.99 USD
September 2017
288 pages
5.5" x 8.25"
First Edition
Trade Paper Original

Print Edition

ISBN: 9781580056854

Ebook Edition

ISBN: 9781580056861

The Worrier’s Guide

Love, Loss, and Other Catastrophes--through Italy, India, and Beyond

By Torre DeRoche

$16.99 USD, Trade Paper Original, September 2017

Torre DeRoche is grieving the loss of the two most important men in her life–the partner of nine years who she’s just broken up with, and her father, who’s just passed away–when she crosses paths with Masha, a woman who has put her marriage on hold to pursue a dream of walking the world in order to try and make sense of it. When Masha invites Torre to join her on a pilgrimage in India, Torre embarks on a journey both physical and spiritual.

It’s an uncertain route full of danger – pollution, wild dogs, snakes, and men – but if they can survive uninjured the duo hope they’ll absorb wisdom by osmosis and end the journey as two women who are fit, fearless, and ready to save the world. But nothing these two unlikely adventurers encounter is quite as terrifying as being 30-something women who have no clue about anything anymore.

About Torre DeRoche

Torre DeRoche has been published in the travel writing anthology An Innocent Abroad, alongside Cheryl Strayed, Dave Eggars, Sloane Crosley, Pico Iyer, et al. Her work has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Guardian Travel, Sydney Morning Herald, and Emirates’ Open Skies magazine, as well as a range of digital publications. Her blog has been profiled in National Geographic Traveller,, and hundreds of websites around the world, including Viator’s Top 25 Travel Blogs of 2015.