The Unsavvy Traveler

Women’s Comic Tales of Catastrophe

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$15.95 USD
September 2005
300 pages
5.5" x 7.5"
Second Edition
Trade Paper

Print Edition

ISBN: 9781580051422

The Unsavvy Traveler

Women’s Comic Tales of Catastrophe

By Rosemary Caperton, Anne Mathews, & Lucie Ocenas (editors)

$15.95 USD, Trade Paper, September 2005

Women travel for myriad reasons: They venture out to escape the routine of daily existence; to encounter fascinating new people and places; to enrich their lives; to embrace new cultures; to explore. . . . But sometimes none of this works out.

This expanded edition of The Unsavvy Traveler adds three new tales of tangled travel to the humorous collection that debuted in 2001. Braving injury and danger, conflict and discomfort, naïve faux pas and mistranslations, these women discover that an unexpected kink in plans can lead to wacky situations: being chased by an itinerant mob in Beijing; trying to outrun a rising river in Malaysia; eating unidentifiable delicacies; and sleeping on a fast-food restaurant booth, on hard jungle ground, or on a swaying fishing schooner.

With wry humor and unabashed honesty, these stories convey the unbreakable spirit of the willing adventurer.

About Rosemary Caperton, Anne Mathews, & Lucie Ocenas (editors)

Rosemary Caperton’s uncanny number of close-calls have occurred on several continents and both hemispheres; she lives in Seattle.

Anne Mathews once drove a 25-foot Ryder truck off a steep incline during a harrowing cross-country trip with her two cats; she lives in Seattle.

Lucie Ocenas’s wanderlust is inspired by the chaotic adventures of her uprooted childhood; she lives in Oakland, California.