About Seal Press

Seal Press publishes books with the goal of informing women’s lives. Our authors are radical and original thinkers, professionals with a distinct point of view, gutsy explorers, truth-tellers, and writers who engender laughter, tears, inspiration, and transformation.

Based in Berkeley, California, Seal is a member of the Perseus Books Group.

Our Roots

Seal Press was founded in 1976 to provide a forum for women writers and feminist issues.

Since Then

Seal has represented the diverse voices and interests of women—their lives, literature, and concerns.


Right Now

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The Future

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Get to know the Seal Press staff!

Krista Lyons


Publisher since 2004, Krista Lyons has guided Seal Press through a decade of enormous growth and stellar success: Today, Seal is one of the most respected publishers of women’s interest titles in the country. Lyons acquires and develops across a broad range of nonfiction categories, from health and fitness to memoir. Among her bestselling titles are Yogalosophy and Under This Beautiful Dome. She lives in Berkeley, California, and is a wife, mom, lesbian, writer, reader, survivor, and friend.

Donna Galassi

Associate Publisher

As the Associate Publisher for Avalon Travel and Seal Press, Donna Galassi works to integrate marketing and publicity efforts into creative, successful campaigns that sell books. She has experience in brand management, niche channels, and content development. Donna’s favorite categories are current events/social issues and travel literature.

Laura Mazer

Executive Editor

My uniform … Librarian cardigans, platform mary janes, strategically placed bobby pins

Creative fuel … Nutella milkshakes, Special K, coffee

Geeky fascinations … Op-ed pages, typography, spray paint

Greatest weaknesses … Anthropologie’s clearance rack, Gilmore Girls, office supplies, my daughters

My books are organized by … Spine color

Fantasy Jeopardy categories… Laura Ingalls Wilder: fact or fiction?, preppy culture, JD Salinger’s Glass family stories

First feminist role models … Mary Richards, Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Woman, Dr. Marlena

Evans on Days of Our Lives (“I consider myself a liberated woman, but that man is driving me crazy!”)

Fantasy best friend … Amy Gardner from The West Wing

On the turntable … The Police, Tegan and Sara

On my nightstand The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan, Euphoria by LiIly King, Station

Eleven by Emily St. John, Microserfs by Douglas Coupland, Stoner by John Williams

I love to acquire … Dogged reportage, memoirs with messages, blog-to-book content, popular culture, mental health, progressive thought leadership, design-driven concept books, parenting, mothers & daughters, humor & irony

Stephanie Knapp

Acquisitions Editor

My uniform … A-line dresses, big earrings, chunky heels

Creative fuel … Seltzer, Brownies, Coffee

Geeky fascinations … World War II history, travel guides, politics

Greatest weaknesses … Homemade cake, 90s dance parties, Ankle boots, my nephew

My books are organized by … A mysterious mental alchemy that I can’t even explain!

Fantasy Jeopardy categories Clueless the movie, the life of Julia Child, cities of the Czech Republic

First Feminist Role Models … Kathleen Hanna, Sleater Kinney, and Marion in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

On my nightstand No Ordinary Time by Doris Kearns Goodwin, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Martian by Andy Weir

Fantasy best friend … Kalinda Sharma from The Good Wife

On the turntable … Leon Bridges

I love to acquire … Big-think narratives on culture & gender, weird but relatable humor, anything to do with running, current affairs, music & TV, history as experienced by everyday people, edgy-voiced memoirs

Jaimee Callaway

Marketing Director

Once upon a time, Jaimee moved from Perseus’ New York HQ to the Berkeley office. After a few years of sharing office space with Seal Press, she joined the team in 2016.

Kimi Owens

Digital Marketing Manager

Coffee-addict, fan geek, startup-survivor, and giraffe enthusiast, Kimi has been a part of Seal Press since 2012. Whoa.

Katie Mock

Marketing Communications Associate

An editor, writer, and Jedi Knight, Katie joined Seal in 2015. She enjoys constructed languages, cooking, and will read anything that sits still long enough.

Crystal Turnau

Online Marketing Coordinator

Crystal joined Seal in 2015 to live out her dream of immersing herself in a sea of the written word. She loves ewoks, cupcakes, and the internet.

Christin Nolasco

Associate Graphic Designer

An artist, design professional, and renowned hair chameleon, Christin joined Seal Press in 2015. She is passionate about all things aesthetic and creative, including delicious food.

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