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What is Seal (Point) Purrrrrress?

Inspired by the notion that a book can change a cat’s life, Seal (Point) Purrrrrress is devoted to publishing titles that inform, reveal, engage, delight, and support cats of all ages and backgrounds.

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Recent Furravorites

The Mew I Do

The Mew I Do: Reshaping Dinner Time for Your Withholding, Stingy Owners dishes strategic advice for navigating your human’s shortcomings (and the automatic feeder).

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The Other Side of the Door

The Other Side of the Door: Life Without Opposable Thumbs paws at the door of science fifty billion times until it finally opens.

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While the Dogs Were Sleeping

While the Dogs Were Sleeping: A Journey Through Kibble and Rebellion in the Living Room is a furighteningly honest confessional of how one kitten curbed her dog.

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Backlist Best-sellers and Key Titles

No Touch Belly!

No Touch Belly! And Other Petting Lessons Learned Too Late is a hilarious cautionary tail from the dark side of petting a pet.

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Under Their Fur

Under Their Fur: How Kittens Experience Breed in America is a compawndium of essays from young American cats attempting to climb down their family trees.

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Dirty Kitty

Dirty Kitty: Purrotica for Felines takes eroticat lovers for a friskies romp in the hay.

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The Stay-At-Home Survival Guide

The Stay-At-Home Survival Guide: Feline-Tested Strategies for Staying Aloof, Distant, and Haughty While Living With Humans is any cat’s essential pawrenting handbook.

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The Pirate Queen

Written by Seal Point’s founder, Purrbara Sjoholm, The Pirate Queen: In Search of Grace O’Meowy & Other Legendary Queens of the Sea will royally delight fans of travel kiterature.

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